The new 2019-2020 NDIS Price Guide has introduced a number of changes to support providers. These changes also benefit participants who will receive better access to quality care. One of the most notable changes is the introduction of Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP) rates. Allevia is able to charge a higher rate for services without affecting the participant’s funding.

So, what exactly is Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP) and what does it mean for you, the participant?

TTP is a 7.5% loading on top of the new base price limit laid out in the NDIS Price Guide. This is a total increase of 18% from last year’s rate.

If you’re wondering “does that mean I will get fewer services for my funding”? Don’t worry! The answer is no. Any unclaimed amount from your funding from 1 July, 2019, has increased by 18% to ensure you’re not out of pocket. You don’t need to get a plan review to access the additional funds.

Allevia is eligible to access higher price limits through TTP, but we are only doing this with those clients who received the increase in their funding. For new NDIS Plans approved by the NDIA after 1 July, 2019, TTP was not included in the funds approved and therefore Allevia does not charge the TTP rate in relation to those new plans.

Our clients will continue to receive the same great support without any change in the amount of support we agree to provide.

If you would like more information about TTP, call us on (02) 9773 8894.

Allevia's TTP Price List