On 12 August, 2019, Allevia entered into a partnership agreement with the Australian Health and Science Institute (AHSI). Our shared aim is to "equip students with the skills required for future job opportunities." 

The disability support sector is in desperate need of people who are ready to take up jobs in the NDIS - people who understand the Scheme's fundamental principles and who are up to the challenge of taking on future job opportunities as the NDIS evolves and matures.

We are currently supporting AHSI to review the curriculum it uses to underpin the training of people studying for a Certificate IV in Disability. In early 2020 AHSI students will undertake a 4 week work placement at Allevia where they will get to experience the world of NDIS support and see first hand the challenges that people with a disability face in our community. 

For more information on the wonderful, innovative work being done at AHSI visit their website.