Lifestyle Assistants are the front-line workers at Allevia. In short, they provide direct support to people with a disability across a range of settings.

The LA can work in a day activity program, out in the community with people who live in their own home or with their family, or with a group of people who share a residence (this used to be called a group home).

They provide the support the person with a disability (called a client) wants and/or needs, based on an agreed plan of support. The amount of support the person is given could be simply doing somethings for them, assisting them to complete a task, or supervising a task or activity.

Their role may include:

  • Personal care activities;
  • Meal preparation;
  • House chores;
  • Transport;
  • Escort duties to appointments and events;
  • Teaching independent living skills.

The thing to remember is the client sets the support arrangement and its all about promoting independence through active support.