Do you want to support Allevia but are not sure how? One easy way is to help us fundraise. Your action means Allevia and the people we support can benefit from the efforts of an unlimited team of fundraisers.

Here are some great ideas to get you started.

Hold an event with your family, friends or colleagues at the office

A Tea Party is one great way to bring people together and raise money to support people who have a disABILITY. Bake (or buy) some cakes and while everyone enjoys them with a cup of tea, simply ask for a donation in return.

But don't just do a tea party, hold a Grand Final party, a card night, a film night, a disco for the kids.......skies the limit.

Ask for donations instead of presents

Are you the sort of person who has everything and hates the 'thoughtful' gifts you get every birthday - you know, the ones which you smile politely about then never use?! Why not just ask everyone to make a donation to Allevia instead. Changing 10 presents into $500 (10 x $50 donations) is a great way to support Allevia.

"I asked the 350 people who came to my 60th birthday party to make a donation to Allevia instead of bringing me gifts. My guests donated a total of $34,000 which was used to purchase a van for one of the groups who live together with Allevia's support. Easiest fundraising I have ever done and all for a fantastic and important cause." - A quote from a parent.


'The Allevia Fundraiser of the Year Award'

But don't let us tell you how you can fundraise - take the challenge and come up with your own unique fundraising activity. Allevia looks for the most creative way to fundraise for Allevia by its supporters and presents the best of them with the prestigious perpetual Allevia Fundraiser of the Year Award at the AGM. Go on, show everyone how creative you can be!

Set up your fundraiser now!