Have you been approved by the NDIS to live in shared accommodation (known as SIL or Supported Independent Living) with other people with a disability? Or do you want to live on your own but need support to do so?

Many people who have a disability have been supported by Allevia for over 30 years to find a place to live where they feel safe and comfortable. Some live together as a group and others have chosen to live in their own place on their own.

"Jeff tried to live on his own in a flat in Western Sydney, but things didn't work out with his neighbours and his health took a turn for the worst. He was forced to leave his flat and was for a short time, homeless. The Government found him a place to live, with a group of other people with a disability. Things went OK for a time, but Jeff eventually found it really hard to share his home with others. He really wanted to have his own place where he could do his own thing. With Allevia's help, Jeff made an application for community housing and he eventually got a place. A new part of the NDIS called ILO was being trialed in Sydney and Jeff agreed to participate. The result was a Plan and budget which allows him to purchases support in his own home. Jeff has support workers from Allevia visit him twice a day, 7 days a week, to help him with his meals and managing his medication. That was 2 years ago, and Jeff has never been happier. He loves that he controls what happens in his life."

We currently have places in our group accommodation right now! 

Within our group homes, we provide a comfortable and nurturing environment with a team trained in Active Support. Your needs and requirements are matched to the residents of each group home to ensure your goals are reached and your dreams come true.

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If you would like to find a place to live with others, or get support to find a place of your own, Allevia can assist you.

We have people who are very skilled in finding people places to live and to get the NDIS Plan you need to live in the community with support.

Allevia and its partners help people who have approval for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) to locate, move into, and live with support in specially designed houses and units.

You can find out more about supported living and the NDIS by clicking here NDIS & Housing

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