Since 1978, people who have a disability and their families have found ways to rise above life's challenges with the support of Allevia.

The people we have supported over the years have found safe places to live, connected with the services and supports the needed and wanted, found fun and meaningful things to do during the day, and learned to do many things for themselves.

Each person has found their place in the community and we have been privileged to be part of each individual's journey through life. In many cases, the journey has been difficult and challenging. We have always found a way to listen to what people want from us, and we have used our skills and experience to find ways to support them to overcome their challenges.

The people we have supported have

  • had fun,
  • found a voice which is heard and listened to,
  • found jobs,
  • been honoured for who they are,
  • found a place to call 'home',
  • stood up for their rights,
  • discovered their sense of self,
  • learned about how to take advantage of, challenge, change and beat 'the system'.

We have as an organisation been on our own journey, and have overcome adversity, changed, grown, and emerged as the Allevia of today.