“My journey at Allevia started the day I met Karl (name changed). He had been picked up living on the streets with some very serious health issues. It was amazing he survived his ordeals, but I quickly learned that he was a survivor. There were those who thought he needed protecting, often from himself. But the truth was he needed to be safe and he needed to be protected from those who wanted to control his life when he simply wanted to be free.

With a roof over his head and place to sleep and call 'home', a doctor looking out for his health, staff helping him with his medication and his meals, he finally found a sense of safety and belonging at Allevia.

I was asked to support him to find and experience the freedom he so badly wanted and find it he did. Karl is a well-known member of his local community. He comes and goes as he pleases, he looks after his health and he lets others support him to stay well, fed and warm. He is a demon with a vacuum cleaner and he is house proud.

Karl's story is one of many, one of success, one of rights, and most importantly one of choice and control.

For me, Karl embodies all that we hold dear at Allevia and we thank him for the privilege of being there to share his journey.”

Philip Petrie, CEO

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