Tips for preparing for an interview at Allevia


  1. Know where you are going and give yourself enough time to get there

Getting to the interview in the rush hour or in bad weather might take significantly longer than in normal circumstances. Also think about how far you need to walk from public transport and what the weather will be like – give yourself time to dry off if it’s wet, or freshen up if it’s particularly hot.


  1. First impressions really do count

Have your phone switched off and do not be looking at it when your interviewer enters the room. Ensure you stand up to meet your interviewer, look them in the eye and give them a firm handshake with a warm smile. Only sit down once they are moving to do so. Bring two copies of your application documents with you and offer one to them at the beginning. It will show that you are prepared.

  1. Know your resume back to front

If you’ve followed the point above, you’ll have a copy to refer to if you need it, but it’s much more impressive if you learn all the dates of when you have changed jobs and studied; and also can rattle off all of your achievements and results without having to scroll through your paperwork.

  1. Prepare stories that show good examples of your work

Review the job description to find out which competencies they are looking for. Have a think about when you have shown that experience and prepare some stories of what you did, what your specific involvement was and what the outcome was. You may not get asked each one but you will be well prepared for the ones you do get asked.

    5. Have great questions ready and ask at least two

Do your research on Allevia (website, internet search, linked in pages of the people you are meeting) and review the Annual Report. This should give you information to form some questions. Also have questions prepared about the role, the team, the culture of the organisation. If all else fails you can always ask what the interviewer likes most about working there.