Do you want to find out how the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) works and, even more importantly, how you can get it working the best for you? Ask Allevia today to guide you along the pathways into the NDIS.

One way to get information is to search for it on the internet. Katie told us that when she and her son did this they came away more confused than ever, and were quite frankly overwhelmed by all the information available.

Many people have been able to get their head around this complicated scheme with Allevia's support - they have found that the personal touch really makes the difference. Katie said she was just so happy to spend a hour with the support of an Allevia Support Coordinator she found what she needed to know, got the specific information she needed, and found out how to get the best outcomes from her son's NDIS Plan.

Start the journey to finding solutions to your NDIS challenges today.