Sometimes there is a thing you do to help you cope with life's daily challenges. It could be a way of telling others what you want, a way of doing things yourself instead of having others do it for you, and something which just makes people leave you alone. These behaviours can often be very damaging - for you and others around you. They can often be the real reason why you are often alone and not included in the lives of others or the community. There is a way of removing these barriers and opening up new opportunities and possibilities.

No matter what it is you want to change it is often very hard to do it on your own. Having someone listen to you and show you how you can do things differently and build better  relationships with others is a way to increase the chance of success.

Daily Living Skills funding from the NDIS lets you get the support you need to find new and different ways to cope, control and communicate across all aspects of your life. It is especially important funding when something you are doing now is actually building barriers and doing things differently will remove barriers and let you get on with life.

Send a request to us and we will support you to find a way to breakdown the barriers to great relationships and being happy and safe.