A memorial gift in lieu of flowers

Memorial gifts, in lieu of sending flowers to funerals or memorial services, are a wonderful way to pay tribute to the memory of someone you love. These special gifts are also a way for family, friends and colleagues to show that they care.

When planning a funeral, please consider organising memorial gifts to Allevia.

It is easy to arrange memorial gifts in memory of your loved one.

Before the funeral

Speak with your funeral director, who will assist you.

Ask for the funeral notice to include: ‘Donations in memory of (name of loved one) may be made to Allevia.

The funeral director can request them from us a supply of Allevia memorial envelopes.

Thanking you

Allevia will thank the family by sending a letter that lists the names of everyone who has made a donation in memory of their loved one. For privacy reasons, the individual donation amounts are not disclosed.

Everyone who makes a donation is sent a letter of thanks and a receipt. You can make a donation as a tribute at any time.

For more information or to order in-memoriam donation envelopes please phone (02) 9773 8894 or email [email protected].

Special occasion donations

You may wish to celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, or wedding with a donation gift registry at Allevia.

This can be done by setting up a page on the Allevia website - simply contact Allevia on (02) 9773 8894 and we will assist you with this.

Allevia will advise you by letter of the gifts made for your special occasion.